What equipment is necessary for the program?

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About 80% of our program uses resistance tubing so you'll definitely need that.

You can use any resistance tubing, however we have released our own brand of tubing where you can purchase HERE.

They are designed to be sturdier and safer than other brands. They come in light, medium and heavy resistance. This is a default piece of equipment within the program that cannot be removed.

We also use the GolfFOREVER Training System (formerly known as the Swing Trainer found HERE), dumbbells, a foam roller, a Swiss (exercise) ball and a medicine ball although you can substitute a dumbbell in those workouts if you'd like.

In some instances, we use a bench but a steady chair or couch/bed edge can work.

Once you are logged in, you can purchase any of these items that you need straight from the Equipment page within the program.

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